Our JetCool Heat Exchanger's patent pending design was developed to fill a need for our customers. The JetCool heat exchangers are a fully welded construction, and made almost entirely out of stainless steel with the only exception being the flanges. They use a proprietary flange that was developed to minimize space to allow them to fit under engines more easily. The use of flanges in the design eliminates the possibility of them drooping with time and rubbing on the inside of the waterline. This design also eliminates the need for adding wrap around ears to keep the waterline together. This ultimately gives a stronger connection that also results in a streamlined installation.

They are currently available in the following two sizes 

     JC30 - 30 inch cooling tubes (used on 4 & 6 cylinder diesel engines in our area)

     JC40 - 40 inch cooling tubes  (used on big block V8 natural gas or propane engines in our area)

These are compatible with both 8 inch IPS pipe (8-5/8" O.D.) and 8 inch NOM pipe (8" O.D.)